Your Travel Guide to Mexico!

Mexico, the 14th largest country in the world is famous for its Tequila, food, art, literature and its beaches and tourist attractions. Acapulco, Cancun, Cozumel, etc. are the popular cities of Mexico. There are a plenty of tourist attractions like the Xcaret, Malecon, The Arch, Avenida Revolucion etc. Cancun, known as the Paradise in Caribbean, happens to be the hub of Mexico’s tourism.

Mexico is a country between the U.S. and the Central America, which is famous for its beaches, mountains, landscapes and deserts. It is also famous for its food items that attract a large number of visitors from across the world. One of world’s greatest civilizations of the world, Mexico is a mixture of modern and traditional culture that can be seen in the local markets too. So, while you are planning a visit to Mexico on your next vacation, here is a checklist of which places to visit.

  1. Playa del Carmen: Playa del Carmen is a coastal resort town in Mexico, along the Yucat n Peninsula's Riviera Maya strip of Caribbean shoreline which is famous for its palm-lined beaches, coral reefs and is a major hub for scuba diving. A large range of bars, restaurants and vibrant nightlife make it an amazing place to be at. Your vacation will be filled with fun and adventure if you visit Playa del Carmen on your trip to Mexico.
  2. Puerto Vallarta: A resort town on Mexico’ pacific coast, Puerto Vallaca is known for its beaches, beaches and robust nightlife scenes. The presence of bars, lounges and nightclubs will make your stay all the more memorable in this bustling city. The less crowded areas make it a convenient and easy to access tourist destination. You need to visit it for sure to make the best of your trip to Mexico.
  3. Tulum: Tulum is the site of a Pre-Columbian Maya walled city serving as a major port for Cob . It gives the view of an archaeological site that has been built overlooking the ocean. Apart from being a historical site, it has emerged as a new beach hotspot that attracts more tourists towards itself that any other place in Mexico. To get a tranquil and rural treat, Tulum should definitely be explored while being in Mexico.
  4. Cozumel: An undeveloped Mexican island in the Caribbean Sea, Cozumel happens to be a popular cruise ship port which is also known for scuba diving. Sneak into the Mayan culture, enjoy cruise rides, or snorkel in the crystal clear waters of this amazing island that is another must see place in Mexico. You can even visit the Chankanaab eco park and watch a different variety of dolphins and sea turtles.
  5. Mazatlan: The 20 km stretch of sandy beaches makes Mazatlan an alluring tourist destination in Mexico. Sit back and land to this exotic destination without wasting a moment.

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