Having a spiritual view in life is always beneficial to the way you adjust to the ups and downs in life, but when it's the only way you see life then it can cause emotional and mental discomfort longer than it should.

That might sound ironic because often times people have epiphanies and light bulb moments by adding the spiritual dimension to a problem. And seeking spiritual comfort can be the difference between life and death, or emptiness and fulfillment.

As someone who is very comfortable in the spiritual realms, I have come to realise that being able to easily see the bigger picture about an issue isn't always the best thing for my emotional and mental health.

Nearly 2 years ago I went through a very painful breakup but at the time I saw the bigger spiritual picture so easily. I saw why the break up should happen and why it did happen and I understood why he felt he should move on. I could easily see what I was meant to learn and what qualities I was meant to work on creating that couldn't be created if I was in that relationship.

But on another level that was just a head trip because emotionally I was still very hurt and my emotions felt like they were in kindergarten when my understanding and knowing felt like it was in high school.

But whatever level your emotions are at seem to be the degree to which you can move forward. They will be the brake when your head wants to accelerate forward.

I realised that because I never said all the things at the time that I emotionally felt because I could see the bigger picture, then they were still sitting inside me , waiting to be released. And I hadn't moved on emotionally because of that.

One could say that I was hiding out in the spiritual realms so I didn't need to confront my human need to let out my hurt and rage.

By the same token if all you are is emotion and rage then a spiritual perspective will supply some balance.

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