Top Tips for a Good Proposal Idea

Thinking of popping the question but not quite sure how to make your proposal special and meaningful? Thinking of the perfect proposal idea can often be challenging for many men, especially when it comes to balancing the simple and intimate against the big and memorable. So here are some tips to help you get started.

First off, perhaps most importantly, test the waters and make sure that getting married is something that both of you want before you get down one knee, only to be given an hesitant ‘yes’ or ‘I’ll have to think about it.’ While you don’t want to catch her completely off guard, you do, however, want it to be a surprise, so make sure you take precautions in order to prevent your partner from finding out beforehand.

However, while the surprise factor is undeniably important, this is not necessarily the case when it comes to the engagement ring. You can always find out her cut, colour, and carat preferences by browsing jewellery stores together or asking one of her close friends. More than 80% of engaged women say that their fianc s got at least a little input from them or their friends or family members before purchasing a ring. Even if she knows that you’re going to pop the question and has a vague idea on the type of the ring she’ll receive, you can still keep your proposal idea a surprise. One thing that is certain is when it comes to proposing, having no ring is generally regarded as one of the biggest engagement mistakes a guy can make.
It is also important to actually get on a bended knee and say the words ‘will you marry me?’ as this is widely expected to be the very least a proposal idea should include. It doesn’t matter what you say beforehand, whether you have planned an epic poem or have written a love song, it is essential that you finish with the exact words.

Another indispensable factor when considering the right proposal idea is the timing. It is well worth making sure that your proposal comes at exactly the perfect moment. For instance, don’t propose if she’s having a tough time at work or if her sister is about to have a baby or get married, as you don’t want one event to be overshadowed by another. If you’re having a hard time finding the perfect moment, then wait it out and don’t become impatient and pop the question at an inopportune moment.

Remember to be romantic and also prepared, as when you propose you will understandably be a little nervous, so practice what you’re going to say beforehand. Above all, make sure whatever you plan , you consider your partner’s personal preferences and be certain that you don’t plan anything that makes your partner uncomfortable or uneasy.

Tips For Shopping Online

1. Be familiar with the dangers of shopping online with your mobile device. Although it's convenient for a number of reasons, it does put your personal information at an elevated risk for eavesdropping. Public wi-fi and abbreviated URLs are much easier to get around than conventional computing from home, so save your shopping fix for your safest conditions.

2. When you're shopping online you need to be sure you are aware who you're buying from. If you're buying with an online auction site, only order from people that have positive feedback. On other sites look to see when they are a reputable company by trying to find reviews to them online.

3. When you are searching for a spot to buy an item and not one of the results seem to be from familiar retailers, you should be hesitant about entering your information. Look for security signs from Verisign or Cybertrust, so that you know the retailer is not in the market to take your money.

4. Before shopping from a store that is a new comer to you, find out what the store's reputation is much like. You can usually do an online search and learn what others think of the business. It is best to accomplish this so you may not find out the difficult way and lose your cash.

5. Never give out your Social Security number with an online merchant. This number is not required for placing orders online. Giving an online store your Social Security number can help them use your personal and private information to steal your identity. To prevent that, if you continue an online store site and discover that as a requirement, do not buy everything from them and shop someplace else.



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